Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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There was a time when tanned skin meant that a person has moved up in life; for it meant he had the time and money to take a vacation in a sunny beach!

Tanned skin was highly priced as it meant a healthy life, and thought to have slimming effect while accentuating the personís eye color. But today, many people are in need of sun damaged skin treatment because they have exposed their skin too much to the harsh glare of the sun, either due to their profession or by choice. That has led to their skin getting all kinds of signs of aging like wrinkles to the more dangerous skin cancer.


We now know in more details on how the ultraviolet exposure coming due to being long hours in sun, over a length of period, can damage our skin by making it thin. It also can change the color of our skin permanently. Before brown spots appeared only when we aged. But today even younger people have it because too much exposure to sun causes melanin to be produced in our skin in excess. The areas of your body like your face, upper back, arms and hands show these brown spots more that they are most exposed to the sun.


The scaly growth that appears in your body, in places generally not exposed to sun, is a sign of danger. It can be the pre-cancerous growths called acitinic keratoses and so check with your dermatologist as soon as you spot one. If you donít pay attention, it may grow into the more dangerous form of skin cancer called squamouse cell carcinoma. Then there are other skin cancers like melanoma, the most dangerous one, or basal cell carcinoma, the least dangerous one.


There are many ways of sun damaged skin treatment that you can undergo. Among them, skin peels are an easy and non-invasive method. It will rejuvenate your sun damaged skin on face. To lighten brown spots, remove fine lines as well damaged skin cells, chemicals are applied on the face during the skin peel process.

Another effective, non-invasive treatment in which the skin is peeled to stimulate circulation and improve cell turnover, is microdermabrasion. In this sun damaged skin treatment, a spray of crystals is used for exfoliating of the outer layer of your skin. If larger areas, like arms, back or hands are to be done, another form of dermabrasion, vibradermabrasion is recommended. Leathery skin which is often caused by overexposure to sunís damaging rays, is also successfully treated by chemical peels and exfoliants.

For treating the problems of hyper-pigmentation in skin, lasers and light therapies are the recommended treatments. In one such sun damaged skin treatment, intense pulsed light (IPL) which is flashed of heated light that comes from xenon lamp, are targeted at pigmented spots specifically. So this process can help remove the spots without causing any harm to the nearby tissues. You will need more than one IPL treatment; nearly four to six for getting necessary result.

In laser skin resurfacing, the outer layer of the skin is vaporized through the use of a laser beam. As the skin heals itself, it becomes and looks smoother.


Apart from these treatments, sun damaged skin treatment that is cosmetic in nature, is also helpful. Botox and collagen injections of various formulations are often used for removing wrinkles that are caused by long exposure to sun.


You will find your cosmetic plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and dermatologists are good source of information regarding various sun damaged skin treatment. They can tell you about the pros and cons of each and also their cost.

Apart from that, you can try some home methods to refresh your dull skin. There are many good over-the-counter lotions and creams that are helpful along with those strong products that you can have only with a physicianís prescription. To speed cell turnover, you can try creams that have Vitamin A and for eliminating brown spots, those with Vitamin C. Lastly, to save yourself from further damage from sunís UVA and UVB rays, use a good sun block.

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