Nail Polish Colors For Your Skin Tone

Published: 02nd June 2010
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When you are choosing nail polish colors, it is better to choose colors that suit your skin tone, but finding such a perfect match can be a really daunting task at times.

You have to choose your nail polish color as per the occasion you wish to paint your nail for. Suppose, you wish to color your nails for a black-tie occasion, you have to consider your dress color while selecting the nail color. Red nail polish is one of those colors which look good on all occasions and on almost everyone. However, there is a small trick involved in this. You have to select a shade of the color which matches your skin tone, so that you get an awesome glow in your nails. You can select any such nail color, by putting the shade chart against your skin and checking out which shade looks the best. If you feel you are still not able to decide on the shade, you can try out by painting each nail in a different shade and find which shade looks best.

If it is summer and you are looking for a fun look, you can easily try out the pastel shades of purple, green, blue and pink - you need to choose any perfect shade of these colors which matches your skin tone color. If you wish to style your fingers for winter, you can try out shades which are quite dark. Now here are some points on which color group suits which skin tone.

• For fair skins, colors with blue base will do best. Berry colors like strawberries, cranberries or raspberries are their best choices. Don't choose very dark colors as that may make you look a character from "Adams Family".

• For people with medium skin tone, burgundies and wine colors that have a yellow and a blue base will work wonder.

• If you are lucky to have olive skin, choose colors that have more yellow base like orange, brown and orange-red.

• For dark skin, dark colors like deep red or strong plum work wonder. These vibrant colors will compliment their skin tone completely.

Lastly, it should be said that choosing a nail polish just based on your skin tone is not enough. Along with it, you have to take in your personality into account. If you don't want to change nail colors for every occasion, then French manicure is the best option. This is one nail polish that a person can wear irrespective of her skin tone and still look good and stylish.

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