How To Reduce Wrinkles Around Mouth

Published: 01st October 2010
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One of the first sign of aging is the wrinkles around the mouth which are called the smile lines. As the production of collagen slows down with aging, the skinís elasticity breaks down, resulting in those wrinkles. It is further hastened by smoking and sun exposure without proper care. But the good news is, there are many professional skin care products that will help you to reduce wrinkles around mouth. There are some natural home remedies as well.

Your Options

There are many options when it comes to seeing off those smile lines. You can opt for Botox, fillers and laser therapy. Other cosmetic procedure includes chemical pee and microderrnabrasion. For natural remedies, opt for avocado and drinking plenty of water.

Botox And Fillers

If you want to reduce wrinkles around mouth, you can start by asking your dermatologist about fillers and Botox. Botox injection are given directly to the wrinkles; and according to, it blocks the chemical signals that cause a muscle to contract. As it canít tighten any more, your skin appears smoother and wrinkle free and flattens. The lasting effect of Botox is for 3 to 4 months.

Another option is the soft tissue fillers which work differently that Botox. Instead of paralyzing the muscle movement, it plumps the skin where wrinkles are present and hence makes it look smother. You can reduce even very deep wrinkles with fillers but like Botox, it will only last a month or two.

Laser Therapy

If you ask your doctor for this procedure to reduce wrinkles around mouth, he will offer you two types of laser treatments. The first is ablative laser resurfacing which is very intense and may need six months of recovering time. It is described by as a laser beam that destroys the epidermis (the outer layer of your skin) and at the same time heating the underlying skin i.e. the dermis. This stimulates the growth of collagen fibers, which slows down with aging. As you heal, new skin will form which will be smoother and tighter than before. You can see result with only one treatment of ablative laser therapy.

Pulsed light is a less intense laser treatment for removing those smile lines. It does not harm the epidermis but only warms the dermis. That also stimulates the collagen production of the skin. As a result, your skin becomes plump and elastic again as collagen is formed. You will need many pulsed light treatment before you see a good result. The good news is, recovery time is very minimal or not needed with this form of laser therapy.

Microdermabrasion And Chemical Peel

Your dermatologist can suggest whether you need chemical peel or Microdermabrasion to reduce wrinkles around mouth. In microdermabrasion, a machine will be used to treat the skin which contains a wand. The wand is passed repeatedly over your skin during the treatment. It applies light suction and uses aluminum oxide crystals to sandblast your skin. A very fine layer of your skin is removed by these two actions. As the skin is removed, a healthier and younger-looking skin grows in its place. Collagen production is also stimulated due to the sucking action. You will need several treatment of this procedure to see result.

As for chemical peels, it involves removal of skin. The chemicals applied during this process burn the outer layer of your skin. New skin is then formed in its place and it is smoother and less wrinkled than before, according to You will also need several treatment of this procedure to see result.

Natural Remedies

As for natural remedies to reduce wrinkles around mouth, nothing works better than drinking plenty of water. It keeps your skin hydrated and plump. That will help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles as wrinkles are easily formed on dry skin. For more result, use a pack made from avocado twice a week.

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