How To Put Fish Oil on Wrinkles To Keep Young Skin

Published: 17th September 2010
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It is not necessary for fine lines to appear before you start an anti-aging treatment; in fact, it is better if you start one when they are not there! But very few of us actually do that. We run to the cosmetic counters in shopping malls or start reading beauty articles when we spot a line or two in our face.

The regime that most of us end up with, especially before bedtime, is to wash our face and putting on some good moisturizer or overnight cream. We also make sure you put the former during the day as well. But there is another regime we may follow to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles; and that involves putting fish oil on wrinkles.

We all know that fish especially those that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are great for heart as well as brain. They are also equally good for your skin as fish oil prevent inflammation that can worsen the wrinkles on your face. Even psoriasis is seen to be under control if you regularly have fish oil, either through your diet or as supplements.

To quicken up the process, you can also use the fish oil directly on your wrinkles. This method will not only reduce the appearance of wrinkle by rehydrating your skin, but will also reduce acne which many of us suffer even in adult ages. With regular application of fish oil on wrinkles, you are going to take years away from your face!

• Following the routine is quite simple. All you will need are some good quality fish oil capsules, a small knife, a small bowl and if you need, cotton balls. First, to put fish oil on wrinkles, you need to extract the oil from the capsule. For that, hold the capsule on one hand over a small bowl and with the small knife in another hand, gently pierce the capsule.

• Make sure you turn the slit on the bowl and gently squeeze the capsule to release the oil. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure; otherwise the capsule may burst and oil will splatter everywhere.

• Now with the cotton ball or with your fingertips, gently dab this fish oil on wrinkles. Be sure to use it on all the problematic areas. Take care while applying near the eyes and make sure none of it gets in the eye.

• Now let the fish oil get slowly absorbed in the skin. It takes about 20 minutes for that. After this period, wash the area with clean water. Make sure you wash your face properly to remove all traces of excess fish oil. Lastly, don’t use any kind of makeup and even moisturizer for the next half hour or so. Do this fish oil on wrinkles treatment for at least once a week to get a good result.

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