How To Make Mango Butter For Skin, Body and Hair

Published: 15th September 2010
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Nature has given us foods that are not only great to eat, but have properties to make your skin younger and wrinkle free! Mango is one such food whose seed extract you can use to apply to your skin. Called mango butter, this fat in the seed of the fruit is a treasure house of natural moisturizer and antioxidants. It can help you not only to fight wrinkles and dry skin but also stretch marks, wounds, burns and other skin problems.

Mango butter will also provide you a protection against sunís ultraviolet rays and help to regenerate your skin. You have to use it with an ointment for best result. Making this concoction is quite easy and you can do it in your home as well. Here is a step-by-step guide to making of 8 oz of mango butter ointment.

1. First gather the ingredients. You will need about 1 Ĺ oz of mango butter, 4 oz of good vegetable oil like olive oil, 1 Ĺ oz of beeswax pellets and Ĺ oz of essential oil of your choice. You can use lavender oil as the smell is very pleasant and lavender is very soothing to skin as well. As for utensils, you will need a small fry pan, a glass measuring cup, a wooden spoon and a metal tin or glass jar to keep the ointment. Make sure the last item is ready at hand so that you can pour the ointment as soon as it is ready.

2. Now melt the butter in a small pan. Make sure the heat is low and as it melts add the beeswax pellets.

3. Add the vegetable oil of your choice. Take the pan out of fire and pour it in a measuring cup made of glass.

4. If using essential oil, add it now. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture. It may start to harden at this point; if it happens put it on low fire for some more time till it melts.

5. When ready, just slowly pour it in the glass jar or metal tin to store it. Let it cool naturally and then seal it. Make sure the lid is tight.

6. Lastly, put a label on your jar. Write the date so that you know when you made it.

You can use this ointment on daily basis like any other cream. However there are some things you should follow while storing this mango butter ointment. First is that, since it has no preservatives like commercial products, it will not stay fresh for long. So donít make too much of it at one time. Make it in small batches and as that batch is ending, make a fresh one. Also storing them should be done carefully. The jar or tin should be out of sunlight as that can damage the product. Lastly, make sure it does not come in contact with water as that can contaminate your home made ointment.

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