How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Published: 28th April 2011
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If the article on "Marie Claire" published in 2007 is any indication, then we women spend about 3 years of your life in getting ourselves ready while heading out of the house! The renowned British beauty brand, Nephria, did a beauty survey among women of different ages and station and this was the basis on which this article on "Marie Claire" was published.

Much of this time is taken in perfecting our makeup or hairstyle; but equally important time should be given to other parts of your face like our eyebrows. This one part of the face is often thought to be problematic and when it comes to learning how to get perfect eyebrows, most women prefer to go for

professional help rather than doing it themselves! But with little care and proper technique, getting a perfect eyebrow is not that a hard job. Also it will take you lesser time than making an appointment with your beautician and going to the salon! So here are some simple steps on how to get perfect eyebrows, which may be will help to curtail some time for getting ready while going out for most women. They are simple to follow; and the result is always the perfectly arched eyebrow you always dreamt of.

First of all, gather the items you will need to perfect your eyebrows in your home. They include a tweezer, eyebrow pencil, brow powder, eyebrow brush, sponge, powder and hair gel.

The first step of how to get perfect eyebrows involves the plucking of the brows with a tweezer. Now, do not do it any time you like; the best is just after your bath as then the pores are open. At firs, pluck those hairs that are between your brows. Never pick hairs from above your eyebrows, but always from below it. Do not pluck hair more than one at a time, and always pick from the direction of growth.

Now fill in the gaps that are sometime present in one’s eyebrows. Use the brow powder for this job and choose a color that is same as that of your eyebrow’s color. As for applying it, use an eyebrow brush for that job. With the brush, dab the eyebrow powder lightly on your brows. There is another method of filling the gap and for that you have to use your eyebrow pencil. But you will need a very steady hand for this step of how to get perfect eyebrows. Steadily but carefully draw a very thin line in the gaps. Now use the sponge to place some powder onto the eyebrows to soften this drawing so that they look blended.

No matter which way you fill the gap, after doing it, brush the brows with an eyebrow brush. Use upward motion while doing that and the movement should be towards the outer corner of the eye.

To finish off, use some clear hair gel to set the brows. Take a little amount on your hand and use your fingers lightly to dab those gel on your brows. This will keep them in place. This is the last step of how to get perfect eyebrows.

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