How To Avoid Fraxel Laser Side Effects

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Published: 25th January 2011
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For an effective treatment of damaged skin, acne scars and wrinkles, you can try Fraxel Repair, a new advance in laser skin therapy. This therapy is very different from traditional ablative laser resurfacing, which works by vaporizing the entire surface of skin.

Fraxel laser is used selectively on your skin; as a result evenly spaced, minute wounds are created. Since a lot of skin is not injured in the process, the downtime for Fraxel Repair is much less that any other kind of ablative laser treatments. Still, for greater result, you need to know all the Fraxel laser side effects and also how to take care of that.

First of all, make sure you discuss everything with your doctor when you are just consulting about the treatment. Before you do the actual procedure, your skin care specialist or your doctor should explain you in details all the things you have to do after the treatment as well as what you can expect in days after the treatment. You must read this instruction very well and if you do not understand any portion, always ask the doctor to explain the point.

After your treatment is over, one of the fraxel laser side effects will be a slightly red skin that is delicate and swollen. So you need to take care of it very properly; and use only a soap-free most gentle face cleanser on your face for two times a day. It can be Cetaphil, which is a soap-free cleanser and always wash off with lukewarm water. Never rub or scrub your skin; and after washing, pat dry gently with a towel or you can let it dry off naturally.

Emollient creams and lotions should be used for keeping the skin moist. For three days after you have done the treatment, you have to apply these healing ointment generously. Your doctor may prescribe this ointment or give you one. Another one of fraxel laser side effects is dry skin; so it is very important that you ask for product as an after-care treatment. Most of the times, your dermatologist will offer products designed specifically to speed the recovery of laser treatment.

You will also have to be more careful with your diet after fraxel laser treatment. You have to make sure your diet is good, and you are sleeping adequately. To encourage collagen formation, you can take up 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C or any collagen supplementary drink for one month after the treatment. Also to make sure your skin heals properly and no premature aging of skin occurs, give up smoking and avoid sugar and alcohol.

After your treatment is over, it is best to avoid sun for at least next 14 days. Sun exposure can greatly damage your skin that has been treated with fraxel laser treatment; so if you have to go out, be sure that you have used sun block generously on your skin 10 minutes prior to going out. On top of that, use sunglasses and brimmed hat while out in the sun. This should continue even after the initial 14 days as one the treatment will leave your skin sensitive to sunlight.

When the healing process for you skin is complete, you have to apply Vitamin C serum that has been prescribed by your doctor. This serum will help to nourish back the skin and encourage its healing process all the more. Some products you can ask your skin care specialist about are Cellex-C and iS Clinical’s Pre Heal Serum. You have to apply the serum twice in a day to avoid fraxel laser side effects.

To discuss how well your progress is, fix an appointment with your doctor six weeks or one month after the treatment. If your skin damage is not that deep, one treatment will be enough to rectify it. But for severe skin damage due to sun exposure or deep acne scars, another Fraxel laser treatment might be required for getting desired result.

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