Galvanic Machine Uses and Treatments

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Published: 18th January 2011
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For enhancing and refining body and facial skin, and also for revitalizing hair growth, a tool is used which is called galvanic machine. They were at first used only at spas, but now a days, manufacturers have come with their made-at-home counterparts that are very easy to use.
The machine is used for applying treatment gels and enhancing circulation through the passing of galvanic current.

Luigi Galvani, a scientist who spent his entire life in the study of electric current, is the person on whose honor galvanic current is named. He was the first to show that when electric current is passed through the legs of a frog, it twitched, way back in 1791. As a result of the experiment, scientists were led to discover the varied uses of galvanic current. For the last 50 years or more, Europe has been using galvanic treatment but United States is fast catching up on the benefits of this treatment.

Benefits of the Galvanic Spa Machine

The main benefit of using galvanic machine is in the treatment of wrinkles. The procedure has a great ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It has been noted in promotions that just using the machine for 10 minutes of treatment, can give the users a tight and smooth skin! It has also been seen in the promotions that galvanic machine can revitalize your hair and scalp as it unclogs the pores and revives the follicles. Besides helping in hair growth, the machine can also reduce cellulite.


The electric current generated by the galvanic machine is used for driving treatment gel deeper into your skin. The gel is bonded with the impurities of your skin through a positive and negative charge and then is drown back, out to the surface. This galvanic current is also responsible for stimulating oxygen and blood to the surface of your skin. In the treatment gel used, ingredients that go into making a healthy skin, like arginine, is generally used. This arginine is amino acids that can help a stressed out skin, revive.

Using Negative and Positive Charges

There are two cycles that are used while using a galvanic machine. In the first cycle, called the pre-treat cycles, the machine is charged negatively. Before being applied on the skin, the gel is also charged negatively. As you use the negatively charged machine on areas coated with negatively charged treatment gel, the charges repel each other and as result, the gel gets pushed back into the skin. As it enters the skin, the get bonds with the impurities present. Now the machine is charged with positive charge which immediately attracts the negatively charged, impurities bonded treatment get. They are thus sucked out of the skin and into its surface.

At-Home Treatments

Now days, you can buy galvanic machine that has been designed to work in home for the convenience of the users. It also provides a better value for money! An at-home patented machine was first launched in 2001; this machine could fit the hand of user and would be easily used on face, scalp and body. This machine came with detachable heads called conductors that were meant to be used in different parts of the body area. For example, the scalp conductor was designed as wide-toothed comb so that users could easily pull it through their hair; while the body conductor came with a large head so as to cover more areas.

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