Facial Jawline Exercises

Published: 17th February 2011
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Everyone admires a strong and chiseled jaw especially with age. It has been observed in women too who have no or little wrinkles, that a sagging jaw is an indicator of gravity of time. No wonder everyone looks forward to a perfect jawline! We might not be able to stop the ravages of nature, but we can slow it down surely.

This is possible with consistent facial exercises which can be added to your daily beauty routine that shall help you to tighten your sagging jaw line and gives you a very youthful appearance.

Jaw muscles:

Jaw look is the result of the contours of your lower and upper jaw which actually define your chin and neck. The look of your jaw is also dependant on the fat and muscles in that specific area. There are many types of muscles which include the smooth muscles in the jaw area. These are the most simple of all muscles and are made of fibers which normally maintain their contraction for a long time as they contract very slowly. This is the reason why our facial expressions are quite closely related to our various emotions and thoughts.

Jaw exercises:

Jawline exercises help to enhance your facial expressions since you will be basically toning the muscles of your jaw through such exercises. When there is lack of toning it leads to a hanging lump of flesh and very unattractive frowns. There are several jawline exercises which shall help you to overcome such problematic situations.

If you wish to tighten this lower jaw area, you just need to hold your head slowly backwards and crane it backwards as far as possible. While you are in such a position you need to slowly move your lower teeth in a clamping position just over your upper lip. You need to do these jaw line exercises in such a way, that they are able to create some tension on your jaws, neck and chin also. You need to do this at least 10 times rapidly. You should repeat the entire exercise at least 3 times and do them at least 2 times in a day.

There are many autoimmune glands which reside just at the site of the upper jaws and neck around the lymph glands which are in direct need of exercises. These nodes or glands are situated just below the ear and are considered to be the main places which pose as a barrier to spread various types of illness which includes cancers and other infections. You simply need to stroke the jaws by following the natural contours of the jaw line. You can start these jaw line exercises by starting from the chin and ending at the lymph gland. This will be perfect to redefine your jaw line. Once you are done, you need to repeat the exercises on the other part of your face. Do this at least 5 times or if you are comfortable, you can do this for many more times to get the perfect results.

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